A personal journal (like xanga, but less hormonal) about my Spanish adventures, so I can remember it forever.

Also, I'm a terrible writer. Not knowing how to blog doesn't help.
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Of course I’m excited, but now I’m getting impatient. So in anticipation, I’m writing an intro.

The reason I’m going to Spain is to study abroad for two three-credit classes towards my minor in Spanish.  In retrospect, I probably decided to minor in Spanish just so I knew I would absolutely have to leave the country to study abroad. Biology is of no use.

So for those who have been asking, this is how my three and a half weeks of Spain will be spent:

The majority of my stay will be in Granada. I’m living with a host family.  She is a mother of four; only one eighteen-year-old daughter still lives there.  I’m rooming with another person from ODU.  For the first night, we’re staying in a hotel in Granada and the last few nights will be spent in a hotel in Madrid. There are ten of us in this study abroad group and a professor from ODU is coming and teaching our classes.  My days consist of a two-hour morning class Monday through Thursday.  And most afternoons and weekends, we already have things planned out for us like architecture admiring, theater watching, olive oil tasting, and “excursions” to other cities.  I do have a free weekend to do and go whatever and wherever I want, suggestions would be nice!

My current goals:

  • Eat as much food and tapas as I possibly can
  • Try to like wine and enjoy my legal European drinking age, good luck to me
  • Converse in non-broken Spanish; including fluently understanding
  • Watch some kind of musical event
  • Watch some kind of dance event and possibly learn?
  • Learn how to make a Spanish dish!

I’m sure this list will quadruple while I’m there. And apparently ODU has a study abroad photo contest every semester with some kind of $$$ prize. I want.

So blogging is weird. I hope I get used to this.

Disclaimer: Future posts will probably consist of a minimum of 20 pictures.